Vol. 17, issue 04, article # 9

pdf Demin V. I., Beloglazov M. I. Influence of local circulation processes on the surface ozone dynamics. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2004. V. 17. No. 04. P. 292-294.
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The influence of microclimatic and landscape features on the results of atmospheric monitoring is considered. As an example we analyze measurement data on the surface ozone concentration (SOC) collected at the atmospheric stations of the Polar Geophysical Institute in the central part of the Kola Peninsula (the city of Apatity and Lovozero settlement). The irregular variations of the SOC up to 15-20 ppb under quiet night conditions have been revealed. It is shown that the causes of these SOC variations are the ascending air flow phenomena and associated with them accumulation processes and the processes of air mass collapse.