Vol. 17, issue 05-06, article # 5

pdf Obolkin V. A., Kobeleva N. A., Khodzher T. V., Kolmogorov S. Yu. Element composition of the insoluble fraction of winter atmospheric precipitation in some of the Southern Baikal regions. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2004. V. 17. No. 05-06. P. 365-368.
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We present some results of the investigation of the element composition of insoluble particles in the snow cover at some urban and rural sites of the southern part of Irkutsk Region, as well as at the background Mondy station. The deposition values of 21 chemical elements accumulated in the snow cover are estimated. It is shown that insoluble particles in snow water are less enriched with heavy metals than those in the atmospheric aerosol. This means that a significant part of anthropogenic admixtures being deposited in snow is transferred into the solution during the snow melting. Some elements were identified as possible tracers of the atmospheric emissions from large cities in the region under study.