Vol. 18, issue 07, article # 2

pdf Makienko E. V., Kabanov D. M., Rakhimov R. F., Sakerin S. M. Analysis of factors affecting the formation of the particle size spectrum and the aerosol optical depth in mid-latitudes of North Atlantic. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2005. V. 18. No. 07. P. 497-505.
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The data on the spectral variability of the aerosol optical depth, measured during the 39th cruise of Akademik M. Keldysh research vessel, are used to analyze the formation of the disperse composition of the atmospheric aerosol in mid-latitudes of the Atlantic. The efficiency of exporting the aerosol component from Europe and North America is considered. Characteristic features of the aerosol disperse composition during perturbations of the optical state of the atmosphere over open ocean are studied. Variations of the disperse composition of ocean aerosol in the atmospheric depth upon the intensification of wind are analyzed.