Vol. 18, issue 08, article # 10

pdf Golobokova L. P., Latysheva I. V., Mordvinov V. I., Khodzher T. V., Obolkin V. A., Potemkin V. L. Peculiarities in the chemical composition of atmospheric aerosol against the background of extreme weather conditions in Southern Siberia. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2005. V. 18. No. 08. P. 616-620.
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Both the southern and northern synoptic processes affect Lake Baikal, the southern Baikal regions, and highlands of Eastern Sayan, where the climatic changes are the most pronounced. Changes in the chemical composition of the soluble fraction of atmospheric aerosol are shown to be dependent on the extreme weather conditions based on the data of field observations in 2001-2002.