Vol. 18, issue 09, article # 14

pdf Golovko V. F. Modeling IR absorption spectra of the carbon dioxide within the ν2 absorption band. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2005. V. 18. No. 09. P. 745-750.
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In this study I have used an original technique to allow for the super-Lorentzian absorption within central portions of the Q-branch profiles and in the far wings of the absorption lines in describing IR absorption spectra of the carbon dioxide within wide frequency region of ν2 absorption band from 550 to 1200 cm-1. The calculated results are compared with the values of the absorption coefficient measured under conditions of broadening by nitrogen at pressures from 70 to 200 atm and temperatures from 200 to 300 K. A simple algorithm of relevant calculations has been tested and it was shown that it can successfully be used in modeling transmission functions of the Earth's atmosphere and atmospheres of other planets.