Vol. 18, issue 09, article # 6

pdf Nadezhdinskii A. I., Nabiev Sh. Sh., Grigoriev G. Yu., Vyazov I. E., Malyugin S. L., Ponomarev Yu. N., Ponurovskii Ya. Ya., Stavrovskii D. B., Bolyasov D. A. Express measurements of the degree of uranium hexafluoride enrichment and UF6 and HF trace quantities in atmosphere based on near- and mid-infrared diode lasers. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2005. V. 18. No. 09. P. 703-711.
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Application of diode-laser spectroscopy principles is shown to ensure reliable measurements of the isotopic content of gaseous uranium hexafluoride and trace quantities of HF and UF6. A DL-based laboratory prototype that provides for measurements of gaseous UF6 isotopic content with inaccuracy less than 0.27% has been built and calibrated. The measurable concentration threshold for HF with the use of a Chernin multipass cell and a near-infrared range DL (ν2 band) is shown to be less than 2 ppb. For UF6 detection with mid-IR DL (λ = 7.6 μm), the minimum value of the detected absorption was evaluated in terms of optical path 50 m long and gave the concentration value of 250 ppb. Assessment has been made of gas analyzer sensitivity to UF6 with the use of 16 μm DL (ν3 absorption band), which turned out to be less than 30 ppt at L = 50 m. A conclusion has been drawn that the concentrations obtained for the molecules under study are suitable for atmospheric monitoring in the vicinity of atomic industry facilities.