Vol. 18, issue 10, article # 1

pdf Nadezhdinskii A. I., Grigoriev G. Yu., Malyugin S. L., Makkaveiskii A. V., Nabiev Sh. Sh., Stavrovskii D. B., Ponurovskii Ya. Ya., Shapovalov Yu. P., Babichev A. P. Measurements of the 13СО2/12CO2 content ratio with the use of near IR diode lasers. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2005. V. 18. No. 10. P. 751-755.
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The paper reports on the development of instrumentation for express-measurements of 13СО2 concentration using the СО2 absorption spectrum in the near-infrared range. The relative error in the d-factor determination in the breath-test obtained from 100 single measurements summed was within 0.7‰. To determine the absolute error of the isotopic ratio measurements, we have conducted independent calibration measurements with five СО2 samples of different isotope composition using both the diode laser spectroscopy (DLS) and mass-spectrometers.