Vol. 18, issue 10, article # 9

pdf Belan B. D., Ivlev G. A., Rasskazchikova T. M., Simonenkov D. V., Fofonov A. V. Investigation of chemical composition of atmospheric aerosol in Siberian towns. Part 2. Microscale and seasonal variability of surface aerosol in Novosibirsk. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2005. V. 18. No. 10. P. 806-811.
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This work continues a cycle of our investigations in the framework of interdisciplinary project of SB RAS "Ecological Problems of Siberian Cities." In this part we consider seasonal dynamics of aerosol chemical composition in Novosibirsk city. Peculiarities in the aerosol formation in the city both at the cost of natural and anthropogenic sources are described.