Vol. 18, issue 11, article # 12

pdf Shchelkanov N. N. Methods for correcting the atmospheric aerosol optical depth along horizontal and slant paths. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2005. V. 18. No. 11. P. 922-924.
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Three improved methods of correction of atmospheric aerosol optical depth (AOD) are presented. The first method implies determination of absolute AOD values or their relative spectral behavior in several spectral regions. The method allows one to reveal and remove systematic errors from AOD values. The second method implies availability of absolute AOD values in just one spectral region; in other spectral regions the AOD values are corrected. The third method is used in the case when no absolute AOD values or their relative spectral behavior are available. It is called "zero-point" method and assumes zeroing of minimum AOD value in one spectral region. To relate different AOD values in different spectral regions, these new methods use a generalized linear regression formula derived taking into account random errors in the data used.