Vol. 19, issue 05, article # 10

pdf Arshinov M. Yu., Belan B. D., Davydov D. K., Ivlev G. A., Pirogov V. A., Simonenkov D. V., Tolmachev G. N., Fofonov A. V. Complex assessment of the conditions of the air basin over Norilsk industrial region. Part I. Dimensions and dynamics of the impurity column. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2006. V. 19. No. 05. P. 393-399.
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The measurements of air composition in the Norilsk industrial region have been carried out twice, in November 2002 and in August 2004. The measurements have been conducted using AN-30 "Optik-E" instrumented aircraft and a small ground-based complex mounted in an automobile van. In this paper we describe some results of the investigation of impurity dispersal in the city column. The city impurity column was found to retain its completeness both in cold and warm periods.In this case, its primary scale remains constant. This is determined probably by the city dimensions and orography. The concentration of SO2, the basic compound of the city emissions, in summer reaches 1300 μg/m3 that more than twice exceeds the value recorded in winter. The temperature superheating of the column in summer (0.8-1.0°C) is weaker than in winter. The observations of column spread in winter and summer along the horizontal has shown that at a distance of 50 km the column width increases twice during summer. This shows that in summer the dispersive capability of the atmosphere in a given region are much higher than in winter.