Vol. 19, issue 06, article # 8

pdf Pavlov V. E., Sutorikhin I. A., Khvostov I. V., Zinchenko G. S. Elemental composition of aerosol accumulated in snow cover of Altai Krai. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2006. V. 19. No. 06. P. 460-464.
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Based on experimental data, we revealed persisting (from year to year) pattern of quantitative distribution of concentrations of 12 chemical elements in samples of insoluble residuals in snow cover of Altai Krai on an area of 550 × 400 km. We present a summary of the data on geometrically mean concentrations of elements and variances of their logarithms. The obtained distribution is found to substantially differ from the standard distribution of elements for lithosphere. The approximate information on mean concentrations of minor elements supports a conclusion on the mesoscale distribution stability of elements in aerosols accumulated in snow cover.