Vol. 19, issue 10, article # 5

pdf Pkhalagov Yu. A., Uzhegov V. N., Panchenko M. V., Ippolitov I. I. Electro-optical interconnections in the atmosphere under smog conditions. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2006. V. 19. No. 10. P. 774-777.
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Interconnections between variations of aerosol extinction coefficients for optical radiation and the atmospheric electric field strength under haze and smog conditions are analyzed based on complex field measurements. It has been found that under smog conditions, a significant (almost by an order of magnitude) decrease of the field strength is observed at increasing turbidity of the atmosphere. This contradicts the well-known electro-optical relation and gives grounds for a supposition that the number of charged particles in smog significantly increases, and the electro-optical relations drastically change. Large number of fires occurring on the Earth makes one to consider this fact in models of climate and in analyzing mechanisms of the solar activity influence on the weather and climate.