Vol. 20, issue 02, article # 10

pdf Isakova A. I., Penin S. T., Chistyakova L. K. Software package for combined study of technogenic anomalies in the atmosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 02. P. 150-155.
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The software package for a DAN-2 instrumentation complex intended for recording emission and absorption of optical and microwave radiation by gas and aerosol atmospheric emissions is described. The problem of automation of recording, storage, and processing of the experimental data has been solved. The following algorithms and methods are incorporated in the software for computation and estimation of the atmospheric anomalies: – computation of gas concentration in an industrial plume taking into account radiation extinction by gas and aerosol, the azimuth of the device sighting toward a source, and distributed illumination of the daytime sky; – computer simulation of the formation and distribution of the fields atmospheric emissions using various models (Gaussian, Berlyand, etc.); – forecasting of optical noises in the atmosphere taking into account different types of underlying surface and weather conditions; – reconstruction of the plume structure from its image. The modular principle used has enabled us to realize all the subsystems independently, so that each of them can be operated either independently or as a part of the software package. The software has a user-friendly graphic interface, high speed of mathematical calculations, and allows further extension and modifications of the calculation algorithms.