Vol. 20, issue 02, article # 7

pdf Medvedeva I. V., Beletsky A. B., Mikhalev A. V., Chernigovskaya M. A., Abushenko N. A., Taschilin S. A. Behavior of the emission from atomic oxygen of the atmosphere at 557.7 nm during the events of stratospheric warming over East Siberia. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 02. P. 130-133.
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The influence of stratospheric warming on the atomic oxygen emission at 557.7-nm wavelength (airglow) was investigated based on data obtained at the Geophysical Observatory of ISTP SB RAS (52°N, 103°E) in 1997–2005. In this period, several cases of anomalous behavior of the 557.7-nm emission intensity in the absence of strong geomagnetic disturbances have been recorded. It has been found that these cases of the growth of intensity of atmospheric emission at 557.7 nm in the height region of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere, have been caused by strong stratospheric warming when the disturbance covers a wide range of atmospheric altitudes. It should be emphasized that high concentration of centers of stratospheric warming is characteristic of Asia and, in particular, of the East Siberia that can result in the formation of regional peculiarities in characteristics of the airglow.