Vol. 20, issue 04, article # 11

pdf Zatsepin V. A., Sadykov N. R., Sadykova M. O., Filippov V. K., Shcherbina A. N. On a possibility of construction of a nonstationary waveguide channel based on extended nanoparticles. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 04. P. 340-341.
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For a microwave radiation within λ = 1-10 cm, a possibility was shown to construct a nonstationary multimode waveguide channel from conducting nanoparticles elongated along one direction based on the nanoparticle concentration in air (g/m3). It is shown that if the particle length 10-12-fold exceeds the transverse dimensions, then the input radiation aperture is 13°-22° that is 4-7 times higher than for spherical nanoparticles. A sharp increase of polarizability of extended nanoparticles allows decreasing their volume concentration. At the hundred-fold extension of nanoparticles the wave field intensity can reach 104 V/cm, at which the mode of nanoparticles ignition is absent due to the field emission.