Vol. 20, issue 05, article # 10

pdf Karapuzikov A. I., Sherstov I. V., Ageev B. G., Kapitanov V. A., Ponomarev Yu. N. Laser sensors-gas analyzers based on smart waveguide СО2 lasers and resonance photoacoustic detectors and their applications. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 05. P. 418-423.
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We present an overview of the main results of long-term collaboration between the Institute of Atmospheric Optics and the Institute of Laser Physics in development and design of a series of laser sensors-gas analyzers based on differential resonance photoacoustic detectors and a waveguide continuous-wave (CW) СО2 laser with the computer-controlled wavelength tuning. Basic elements of the gas analyzers and their characteristics are described along with examples of application to analysis of molecular compounds in air and biosphere-atmosphere exchange processes.