Vol. 20, issue 05, article # 3

pdf Banakh V. A., Zapryagaev V. I., Kavun I. N., Sazanovich V. M., Tsvyk R. Sh. Experimental investigations of the variance and fluctuation spectra of intensity of a laser beam crossing the supersonic gas flow. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 05. P. 368-373.
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The results of measurements of intensity fluctuations of a laser beam crossing the supersonic gas flow in aerodynamic tunnel T-326 at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics SB RAS are described. It has been established that the intensity of gas flow density turbulent pulsations far exceeds the intensity of the atmospheric pulsations and increases with increasing gas compressibility. The spectral density of the sensing beam intensity has a high frequency maximum. The frequency range, where this maximum is located, determines the characteristic scales of density turbulent inhomogeneities arising in a compressible gas flow. The range of characteristic scales of turbulent density inhomogeneities in the flow is expanded with pressure increase.