Vol. 20, issue 05, article # 4

pdf Bagaev S. N., Geints Yu. E., Zemlyanov A. A., Kabanov A. M., Matvienko G. G., Pestryakov E. V., Stepanov A. N., Trunov V. I. Laboratory and numerical experiments on propagation of high-power femtosecond laser radiation through air and droplet media. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 05. P. 374-379.
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We present the results of experimental and numerical study of self-focusing and filamentation of high-power femtosecond laser radiation in pure air and droplet medium. Measured data are presented on energy transmission, pulse spectral content, and transverse profile of the laser beam energy density at different points of the optical path in the air. Discussion of the results is based on formalism of the laser beam effective (integral) parameters. It is found that the femtosecond radiation attenuation in water aerosol occurs as in the case under linear conditions. A similarity of evolution of the effective laser beam radius is established under conditions of single and multiple filamentation. The correlation between the path length of the light beam filamentation and effective width of its frequency spectrum is shown.