Vol. 20, issue 06, article # 13

pdf Borodulin A. I., Desyatkov B. M., Lapteva N. A., Agranovski I. E. Estimate of the possibility of the personal sampler application to detection of viable viruses in the open atmosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 06. P. 499-504.
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The usability of sampler for detection of viable viruses in the open atmosphere is estimated. Formulas are derived for recalculation of the number of detected alive virus particles in a sample to the number concentration of virus-containing aerosols. We estimated the minimum concentration of virus-containing aerosols, reliably measured by the sampler. By the example of modeled hypothetic "terroristic act" with application of virus material under urban conditions, we demonstrated the possibility of the sampler in obtaining reliable concentrations of virus-containing aerosols under real conditions.