Vol. 20, issue 07, article # 2

pdf Budak V. P., Lubenchenko A. V. Precision and application range of the quasi-single scattering approximation in the backscattering signal calculation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 07. P. 528-533.
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The problem of the light reflection from a turbid medium is considered. The method of the single scattering separation into the scattering, leading or not leading to a change in the radiation propagation direction relative to normal to the surface is offered. The reflectance is represented as a series in the scattering multiplicities with single change of the direction. For each multiplicity the precise linear integro-differential equation with homogeneous boundary conditions is derived. The application of the method of discrete ordinates brings to the linear matrix equations. The solution of these equations without application of the small angle approximation in the form of matrix exponential curves is obtained. The application range of the quasi-single scattering approximation depending on the optical parameters of the sensed medium is shown.