Vol. 20, issue 10, article # 13

pdf Buryak G. A., Safatov A. S., Andreeva I. S., Ol'kin S. E., Reznikova I. K., Puchkova L. I., Afonina V. S., Vinokurova A. V., Smolyakov B. S., Shinkorenko M. P., Makarenko T. N., Shuvaeva O. V. Estimation of the content of biogenic components in fresh snow. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 10. P. 842-846.
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The previous study of snow cover, taken all the way down nearby some sources of anthropogenic aerosols at the end of winter, was carried out for to study of atmospheric aerosol biogenic component. To detect the pollutions from these sources, fresh snow can serve as the background pollution. The data obtained from the analysis of samples collected during 4 snowfall episodes in Vector settlement near Novosibirsk are presented. The samples were analyzed for the presence of viable microorganisms, total protein, ionic and the elemental composition of the melted snow. Besides, plasmacoagulation, fibrinolytic, hemolytic, and gelatinolytic activities, as well as some biochemical and physiological characteristics of the microorganisms were estimated to gain information on potential pathogenicity of the latter. The importance of such studies for understanding the processes of global atmospheric transport of bioaerosols and detecting possible sources and discharges of these aerosols have been demonstrated.