Vol. 20, issue 10, article # 16

pdf Svetlichnyi V. A., Vaitulevich E. A., Lugovskii A. P., Samtsov M. P., Meshalkin Yu. P. Optical properties of DCM dye and its derivatives at two-photon excitation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 10. P. 854-861.
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Optical properties of four (dicyanomethylene)-pyran derivatives were investigated at two-photon excitation by nanosecond Nd-YAG laser radiation (12 ns, 1064 nm). The two-photon absorption (TPA) cross section of dyes in solutions and polymeric matrix were determined by the fluorescent method of two-quantum standard. Nonlinear transmission and lasing of dye solutions of (dicyanomethylene)-pyran two-photon excitation were investigated. A difference in TPA cross-sections determined by the fluorescent method and by the direct nonlinear transmission (NLT) method is discussed. The reduction in output laser energy to 36% of the initial pulse energy was obtained. The possibility of using the studied dyes for limiting the laser power is considered. Two-photon pumped lasing (TPPL) in the spectral range 648-663 nm for three studied dyes was obtained, and TPPL characteristics were investigated. The lasing efficiency higher than 1% was achieved.