Vol. 23, issue 01, article # 2

Isakov A. A., Tikhonov A. V. On relation between average directions of air masses arival to the Moscow region and the mean values of Hanel's parameter and the refractive index of the particle matter. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 01. P. 9-13 [in Russian].
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Time series of the daily values of the near-surface aerosol volume concentration as well as particle's refractive index n and Hanel's parameter c were retrieved from the data of spectral polarimetric measurements in January - July, 2008. It was shown that at air mass change, connected with atmospheric fronts, the two parameters change synchronously and in antiphase. The array of two-day back trajectories was obtained for all series. The relation between the direction of air mass arrival and the manner of variations of the refractive index and Hanel's parameter is analyzed. The directions of the trajectories were divided into eight equal sectors and averaged values of n and c were calculated. It was shown, that the minimum in average values of the refractive index n ~ 1.45 was realized in air mass, loaded by aerosol, which came in Moscow region from the Rostov region, Caucasus and Turkey. The maximal values of the refractive index n (~1.65) were realized in the Arctic sea air mass, which came from North Atlantic and Barents Sea. The maximum mean values of the Hanel parameter (≈ 0.6) were realized in the continental air mass, which came from Caspian region, the minimum (≈ 0.35) in Arctic air masses.


aerosol, refractive index, Hanel's parameter, air mass