Vol. 23, issue 01, article # 6

Zvyagintsev A. M., Kakajanova G., Tarasova O. A. Cycles of surface ozone and other trace gases in urban and rural regions. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 01. P. 32-37 [in Russian].
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Seasonal and daily cycles of surface ozone and primary pollutants, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide in Moscow city for 4 years are considered. Seasonal and daily cycles of all these trace gases show that their concentrations in warm seasons strongly depend on vertical mixing in atmospheric boundary layer. Surface ozone cycles in city and rural areas (at a distance of 100 km) are compared. The main differences of surface ozone concentrations in urban and rural areas, as well as in their seasonal and daily cycles are found. It is shown that relations of surface ozone and primary pollutants in different seasons are mainly due to different atmospheric processes: advection in the cold season and vertical mixing in the warm one. The highest correlation is observed between maximal daily ozone concentration and maximal morning primary pollutant's concentrations. The correlation coefficient between them is usually negative in the cold season and sometimes it is positive in the warm one, when obvious episodes of ozone photochemical generation arise.


surface ozone, trace gases, planetary boundary layer, air pollutants