Vol. 23, issue 01, article # 9

Krekov G. M. Method of local estimation of fluxes in the broadband lidar sounding problem. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 01. P. 47-55 [in Russian].
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Using the Monte-Carlo method we solve the problem of evaluating spatially-resolved signals of a broadband pulse emitter in the aerosol atmosphere with taking into account the selective molecular absorption. The problem of this type occurs due to the necessity of a priori analysis of potentialities of white light lidars for remote sensing of H2O vapor concentration and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When estimating the backscattering signals with high spectral resolution, based on the nonstationary transfer equation, the application is required of precision calculational algorithms. In the theory of the Monte-Carlo methods such an algorithm is the method of local estimation of fluxes. The paper describes the combination of this algorithm with high-precision, line-by-line calculation of the functions of atmospheric gases transmission that provides a possibility of a rigorous quantitative forecast of the efficiency of promising lidar systems of the environmental monitoring.


Monte Carlo method, laser sensing