Vol. 23, issue 03, article # 11

Semakin S. G., Timofeev Yu. M., Polyakov A. V., Virolainen Ya. A. On determination of stratospheric aerosol microstructure from measurements of the Earth's horizon scatter solar radiation. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 03. P. 235-239 [in Russian].
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The retrieval errors of determining the microphysical parameters of the stratospheric aerosol (integral surface S and integral volume V) from spectral measurements of scattered solar radiation on the horizon of the Earth with the aid of SAGE III device and with consideration of main atmospheric and underlying surface parameters variations was determined by numerical experiments. It is shown that the retrieval errors of S and V for 12-45 km compose 28-33% and 33-40%, respectively. The information content of satellite experiment with SAGE III device is 60-70% for S and 65-75% for V. The averaging of a priory profiles of stratospheric aerosol microphysical parameters on 5 km layers shows the retrieval error decrease by 10-13% for S and by 15-20% for V.


remote sensing, stratospheric aerosol, limb scatter solar radiation