Vol. 23, issue 06, article # 3

Terpugova S. A., Panchenko M. V., Dokukina T. A., Yausheva E. P., Kozlov V. S. Seasonal variability of the content of species with different volatility in near-ground aerosol as assessed from the data of thermooptical measurements. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 06. P. 439-443 [in Russian].
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The results of measurements of the dependences of the aerosol optical characteristics on the temperature at the controlled heating of the aerosol medium are analyzed. The characteristic features of the annual behavior of thermooptical parameters are discussed, their stability in different years of observations is shown. The correlation of thermooptical characteristics with the refractive index of dry particles, and the parameter of condensation activity are revealed.


aerosol, light scattering, thermooptical method