Vol. 23, issue 08, article # 2

Yankovskii V. A., Babaev A. S. Photolysis of O3 at Hartley, Chappuis, Huggins, and Wuff bands in the middle atmosphere: a vibrational kinetics of oxygen molecules O2(X3S-g, v<=35). // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 08. P. 640-649 [in Russian].
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Advanced version of the full model of photodissociation of O2 and O3 in mesosphere and thermosphere (Yankovsky V.A., Manuilova R.O., Optics of atmosphere and ocean, 2003, V. 16, N 7, P. 582) were used for calculation of vertical profiles of concentration of vibrational excited molecules of O2(X, n) in ground electronic state for values n = 1ё35. A new, recently appeared data for rate constants of reactions O2(X, nЈ30) + O(3P)®O2(X, nў<n) + O(3P), were included for the first time in this model. This reactions play significant role not only in quenching of molecules of O2(X, n) but also in production of underlying vibrational states of O2 molecules. In addition to direct processes of production of O2(X, nЈ35) from O3 photolysis, the processes of population of O2(X, nЈ9) molecules by energy transfer from O(1D), O2(b, nЈ2) и O2(a, nЈ5) were used in the model. The resulting quantum output (RQO) for molecules of O2(X, n = 1) in reaction of ozone photolysis in spectral bands of not only Hartley, but also of Chappuis, Huggins, and Wulf in interval of 200-900 nm was calculated. Inclusion of new processes caused an increase of RQO by 5-9% in mesosphere. Vertical profiles of RQO and population of O2(X, nЈ35) in heights of 50-120 km depending on SZA in a range from 36.0 to 90.1 degrees for the series of experiments TIMED/SABER in interval of latitudes from 30.2 to 47.7 degrees North in a period of vernal equinox was shown.


photolysis of ozone, vibrational kinetics of oxygen molecules, mesosphere and lower thermosphere