Vol. 23, issue 12, article # 6

Seleguei T. S., Filonenko N. N., Lenkovskaya T. N. The dependence of the ground-level ozone concentrations on advection factors: Novosibirsk city case. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 12. P. 1080-1086 [in Russian].
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The paper considers the influence of advection factors on the occurrence of ground-level ozone concentrations in the Novosibirsk city. In certain years the entrance of ozone-rich air masses from southern areas provided usual for the season high concentrations of the ground-level ozone, observed during the first half-year period. This was confirmed by the dependence of month mean ground-level ozone concentrations on month mean air temperatures. The study revealed that advection factor was apparent also during the crossing of frontal boundaries between air masses. Passing of the cold front resulted in ozone concentration decrease approximately by 40%, while passing of the warm front - in concentration increase by 25-30%. The paper includes results of the analysis of synoptic situations, which caused the occurrence of high ground-level ozone concentrations due to the advection of air masses from southern areas, as well as due to the inflow of ozone from the stratosphere.


ozone concentration, air mass, advection, synoptic analysis, cyclone, anticyclone, cold front, warm front