Vol. 27, issue 01, article # 1

Arsen'yan T. I., Grebennikov D. Yu., Sukhareva N. A., Sukhorukov A. P. Phase trajectories reconstruction for a laser beam propagated through a turbulent media. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2014. V. 27. No. 01. P. [in Russian].
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The instrument of phase trajectories and phase portraits is applied to the analysis of the fluctuation processes in the open space optical channels of data transmission. Experimental time series of intensity distributions in the detection plane were used to reconstruct the space of embedding dimension for the first two spatial moments. Knowledge of the structure of the phase trajectories reconstructed would allow one to predict the dynamics of spatial-temporal fluctuation processes for different time scales.


open space optical channel, space of embedding dimension, phase trajectory, turbulence


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