Vol. 27, issue 09, article # 1

Perevalov V. I., Lukashevskaya A. A. Parameterization of the effective dipole moment matrix elements in the case of asymmetric top molecules. Application to NO2 molecule. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2014. V. 27. No. 09. P. 759-765 [in Russian].
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New parameterization of the effective dipole moment matrix elements for asymmetric top molecules is suggested. It is based on the introduction of the Herman–Wallis type factors for the matrix elements. The advantage of this new parameterization consists in the utilization of the matrix element parameters which describe explicitly the dependence of the principal matrix element parameter on the rotational quantum numbers J and K. The application of this approach to the open-shell NO2 molecule is discussed.


line intensity, effective dipole moment matrix elements, asymmetric top, nitrogen dioxide, NO2


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