Vol. 28, issue 01, article # 4

Solodov A. M., Petrova T. M., Solodov A. A., Starikov V. I. Fourier-spectroscopy of water vapor in the volume of aerogel nanopores. Part 2. Calculation of broadening and shift of spectral lines by adsorbed molecules. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2015. V. 28. No. 01. P. 33-36 [in Russian].
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The model proposed in the first part of paper [2] for simulation of the profile of water vapor confined in nanoporous aerogel was advanced. In the developed model, the loss of the degree of rotational freedom of the adsorbed water molecules was taken into account, the collisions with which give a strong contribution to the line broadening and shift. The half-widths and shift calculated using this model are in good agreement with experimentally determined ones.


water vapor, half-widths and shift of spectral lines, aerogel, nanopores


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