Vol. 3, issue 01, article # 1

pdf Korshunov V. A. Dependence of themultiplescattering contribution to lidar returns on the integral parameters of the cloud particle size spectrum. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1990. V. 3. No. 01. P. 1-6.
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Multiple scattering from clouds with different particle size spectra is calculated in order to assess its input to lidar returns. It is shown that at certain receiving angles, independent of the distribution type the level of multiple scattering is determined by one of the integral parameters of the spectrum: n√<rn> (n = 2 ÷5), or r32 = <r3>/<r2>. It is also shown that at large enough receiving angles the multiple scattering contribution depends weakly on both the spectrum type and the size of the particles. Some possibilities are explored of applying these effects to solving inverse problems of laser sounding of a cloudy medium.