Vol. 3, issue 02, article # 8

pdf Pugachev N. S., Bessonov A. G. Ground-based measurements of the atmospheric column density of ethane (С2Н6) and acetylene (С2Н2) based on high-resolution solar ir spectra. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1990. V. 3. No. 02. P. 146-149.
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We present the results of experimental measurements of С2Н6 and С2Н2 column density carried out from solar spectra recorded in the 3 μm region at resolution 0.07 cm-1. The measurements were carried out using the spectrometer facility at the Zvenigorod scientific station (Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR). The resulting column densities of 2.0•1016 mol/sm2 for С2Н6 and (2•1015,4•1015) mol/cm2  for С2Н2 are in reasonable agreement with the available data on the atmospheric concentrations of these gases. These are the first measurements of this type in continental Europe.