Vol. 3, issue 10, article # 9

pdf Lugin E. V. Near resonance radiation attenuation in a weakly nonlinear gaseous dielectric. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1990. V. 3. No. 10. P. 977-983.
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A spectral approach to the three-dimensional problem of nonlinear phenomena which are associated with the radiation intensity is proposed. The approach is based on Maxwell's equations and the general expression for the polarization of the medium. The frequency-dependent component of the polarization is represented as a power series in the spectral components of the field intensity; the solution of the nonlinear problem is expressed in terms of the solution of the corresponding linear problem. The problem is reduced to a second-order nonlinear differential equation, whose solution is found. The problems associated with using the solutions to boundary-value problems are discussed. The main attention is devoted to the propagation of radiation near the spectral lines of a molecular atmosphere. The discussion is limited to media with cubic nonlinearity.


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