Vol. 3, issue 11, article # 16

pdf Vlasov D. V., Tsipenyuk D. Yu., Vartapetov S. K., Bukreev V. S., Obidin A. Z. Investigation of the possibility of using an excimer KR-F laser in lidar experiments on detection of oil films on a water surface. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1990. V. 3. No. 11. P. 1110-1112.
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The luminescence spectra of several types of petroleum and B-70 benzene in the wavelength range 250...350 nm, excited with an Kr-F excimer laser, were measured. It is shown that there exists luminescence of these substances in this wavelength range and the shape of the luminescence spectrum of different types of petroleum is different. The results shows that remote laser sounding of a polluted water surface can be performed during the day in this wavelength range.


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