Vol. 3, issue 11, article # 4

pdf Korshunov V. A., Pavlova L. N. Dependence of the amplitude and temporal characteristics of pulsed optical radiation transmitted through a cloudy medium on the cloudiness parameters. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1990. V. 3. No. 11. P. 1052-1057.
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The problem of pulsed optical radiation transmitted through stratiform was examined for the case of normal incidence of a wide unidirectional beam. The amplitude and temporal characteristics (ATC) of pulses transmitted in the range of optical thicknesses from 0 to 50 have been found by the Monte Carlo method. The dependence of the ATC on the extinction coefficient, photon absorption probabilities, the scattering phase function, and the distance from the receiver to the boundary of the cloud layer was investigated. Estimates of the characteristic values of the ATC were given for real stratiform clouds of different types, including multilayered.


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