Vol. 31, issue 11, article # 11

Kapitanov V. A., Osipov K. Yu. Softwave-controlled high resolution laser photoacoustic spectrometer. Methods and programs for measuring and processing weak absorption spectra of atmospheric gases. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2018. V. 31. No. 11. P. 923–929. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20181111 [in Russian].
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A softwave-controlled photoacoustic spectrometer is developed on the basis of TEC-520 diode laser (output power 30 mW, coarse tuning range 6060–6600 cm-1, line width ~ 5E-5 cm-1, fine tuning range 0÷ 2.5 cm-1), WS-UIR laser wavelength meter (relative error Δλ/λ ~ 1E-8), and resonance photoacoustic detector with threshold sensitivity ~ 3E-10 W × cm-1 × Hz-1/2. Procedures and computer programs for spectra measurements and processing are developed. The results of the water vapor spectra measurements are presented.


absorption spectrum, diode laser, photoacoustic detector, mirror modulator


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