Vol. 33, issue 02, article # 7

Filei A. A. Development of optical parameters of volcanic cloud models for remote sensing of Earth from space. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2020. V. 33. No. 02. P. 127–134. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20200207 [in Russian].
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The principle of creating models of optical parameters of volcanic clouds for use in problems of remote sensing is presented. The models are developed for a wide range of different volcanic rocks and their combinations with drops of water, ice crystals, and drops of aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. The following issues are considered: the principle of interaction of electromagnetic radiation with aerosol components of a volcanic cloud; mixing aerosol components of a volcanic cloud; the use of optical parameters to simulate radiation intensity at the top of the atmosphere. It is found that the choice of model directly affects the calculation mass and microphysical characteristics of volcanic ash.


volcanic ash, volume extinction coefficient, single scattering albedo, brightness temperature, satellite data


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