Vol. 4, issue 01, article # 1

pdf Vol'pov A. L., Zimin Yu. A., Tolmachev A. I. Adaptive methods for image restoration (a review). // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1991. V. 4. No. 01. P. 5-39.
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An overview of adaptive methods for solving the problem of vision through turbulent atmosphere is presented. The paper also presents the statement of the problem, the model of the light field and describes two approaches to the adaptation, i.e., the approach based on the measurements of phase distortions and that which uses the sharpness functions. Different known sharpness functions are considered in the paper and analysis of these functions with respect to absolute maximum is made. The paper also presents a description of the Bayes approach to the resolution of the problem on image restoration. It is shown that only some of the large number of sharpness functions have absolute maxima which are relevant for image restoration. Some methods of seeking the absolute maximum are considered and the sharpness functions analyzed from the standpoint of the possibility of seeking the absolute maximum using a successive search over the cells of an adaptive elements. It is shown that such a technique is inapplicable when the sharpness functions have secondary maxima. Based on the analysis made certain recommendations the given on the use of sharp-ness functions of that or another kind in different situations.