Vol. 4, issue 01, article # 3

pdf Bukatyi V. I., Sverdlov M. Yu. Experimental study of vapor condensation effect on the solid-particle aerosol transparency upon exposure to the intense laser radiation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1991. V. 4. No. 01. P. 44-47.
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Some experimental results are presented in the paper on measuring the solid aerosol transmission in the field of intense CO2-laser radiation under the condition when secondary particles appear due to condensation. The dependencies of resultant optical thickness on the initial one, on the size of initial aerosol particles and on the intensity of incident radiation are obtained. In the experiments with the isolated particles it was found that there appears a spherical layer around the particle where the secondary aerosol particles are produced due to condensation. It was also established that the size of secondary particles does not depend upon the size of initial particles as well as on the intensity of incident radiation, at least within the studied range.