Vol. 4, issue 04, article # 10

pdf Popov A. A., Shefer O. V. On the possibility of estimating the meam size of oriented ice plates in a cloud from single-frequency lidar data. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1991. V. 4. No. 04. P. 410-416.
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The paper analyzes the information content of the ratio of backscattering coefficients of a system of ice plates having the preferred orientation for lidar observations made along the vertical and slightly biased directions. For a system of horizontally oriented ice plates this ratio as a function of the bias angle of the sounding path with respect to the vertical has the entire descent portions with the steepness being related mainly to the mean radius of plates. If there is a flutter in orientation of the ice plates near the horizontal direction, then the backscattering coefficient ratio has, in addition to the portions of the entire descent, the horizontal portions. It is shown that the length of the horizontal portions of these curves bears the information on the flutter while the steepness of the descent portions as previously can be uniquely related to the mean radius of plates.