Vol. 4, issue 06, article # 7

pdf Lukin I. P. Fluctuations of frequency-diversity waves in a lens-like medium. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1991. V. 4. No. 06. P. 446-452.
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Theoretical investigation of the frequency correlation function and variance of fluctuations of the intensity of optical radiation propagating through the aberration lessly defocusing lens-like medium (refraction channel) with discrete and continuous inhomogeneities of the dielectric constant has been carried out. Calculations of the statistical properties of gaussian beam intensity fluctuations are made using the solution of equation for the fourth order coherence function for frequency separated monochromatic waves obtained in Born approach. It is shown that fluctuations of optical radiation intensity occurring in the lens-like medium with discrete and continuous random inhomogeneities are lower than those in a regular homogeneous medium. The fluctuations are weakening with decreasing initial beam divergence. The frequency correlation of the optical radiation intensity fluctuations in the lens-like medium with random continuous inhomogeneities is the same as similar characteristic for the regular-homogeneous medium. In a discrete scattering medium the presence of regular refraction inhomogeneity results in the increase of the scale of frequency correlation of the intensity fluctuations.