Vol. 4, issue 07, article # 12

pdf Lyamkina G. V., Shaiduk A. M. Gas-dynamical model of high melting particle evaporation in a powerfull optical field allowing for recondensation in vacuum. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1991. V. 4. No. 07. P. 541-546.
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As is well known, the process of gas–dynamical evaporation of high–melting aerosol particles in a powerfull optical field in vacuum is accompanied by active condensation of vapors and formation of new particles. In this paper a thermodynamic method of estimating the vapor condensation ratio is discussed. Normally the system of gas–dynamical equations describing the vapor outflow is solved numerically, while in this paper an analytical solution of this system in quasistationary approach based on the isentropic character of the vapor outflow from the particle surface is obtained. The obtained results make it possible to formulate the problem of the determination of the optical cross section of the particle + condensate system.