Vol. 4, issue 09, article # 14

pdf Elokhov A. S., Gruzdev A. N. Measurements of total ozone and nitrogen dioxide content at the antarctic stations Molodezhnaya and Mirnyi in spring 1987-fall 1988. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1991. V. 4. No. 09. P. 704-706.
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Measurements of total ozone and nitrogen dioxide contents at the Antarctic stations in November–December, 1987 (Molodezhnaya) and in February–April, 1988 (Mirnyi) are presented. An irregular growth of the total ozone content was observed during November–December, 1987, characterizing the filling–up of the ozone "hole". Simultaneously the warning and the increase in the total NO2 content occurred in the stratosphere. During the summer and fall the total NO2 content gradually decreased. The total NO2 content in evenings were regularly higher than in mornings thereby indicating that the NO2content varies from day to night.