Vol. 4, issue 09, article # 8

pdf Korzilov S. V., Starikov V. I., Tyuterev Vl. G. Approximation of K-dependence of the (HF)2 dimer rotational energy. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1991. V. 4. No. 09. P. 669-673.
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The dependence of the rotational energy F(K) of the (HF)2 dimer on the rotational quantum number K is investigated. This investigation is based on the simultaneous analysis of high–amplitude bending vibration and molecular rotation. The analytical representations of the rotational energy F(K) are obtained, which can be used for retrieval of the numerical values of the function F(K) by fitting the experimental data for the hypothetical level J = 0. As compared to the polinomial and fractional–rational representation of dependences of the rotational energy F(K) on the quantum number K, our models provide the better account for the experimental data and posess better extrapolation properties.