Vol. 5, issue 02, article # 3

pdf Starikov V. I., Mikhailenko S. N. An effective dipole moment operator for nonrigid H2X-type molecules. Application to H2O molecule. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1992. V. 5. No. 02. P. 82-87.
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A theory of the transformed dipole moment operator for nonrigid H2X type molecules has been worked out by using the method of contact transformation. The treatment takes into account the large amplitude bending motion, which is described by coordinate ρ. Obtained formulas for the transformed dipole moment operator for bending vibration quantum bands and for combination bands have been used for the determination functions μxe(ρ), μx1(ρ) и μz3(ρ) from the expansion of molecular fixed components μ (ρ, q) (α = x, у, z) of the electric dipole moment of H2O molecule over q normal coordinates. Some different model forms for these functions have been used.