Vol. 5, issue 07, article # 10

pdf Pikhl A., Ryym R. On the possibility of determining microphysical parameters of the noctilucent and mesospheric clouds based on the data of remote crepuscular sounding from space. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1992. V. 5. No. 07. P. 461-464.
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Determination of microphysical parameters, such as the mean radius and the standard deviation of the distribution function of scatterers is considered based on the data of remote sounding of the horizon from space under dusky conditions. It has been found that the color index is the optimum measurable value. Simultaneous measurements of two color indices make it possible to estimate the particle radius and variance of the particle dimensions. In the region of small and intermediate particles (0.01< r < 0.08 μm) the color index is more sensitive to the variations of the half–width of the distribution function and is relatively weakly dependent on the mean radius of scatterers.