Vol. 5, issue 07, article # 9

pdf Arshinov Yu. F., Bobrovnikov S. M., Shumskii V. K., Popov A. G., Serikov I. B. Remote Determination of the Composition, Temperature, and Velocity of Outflow of Atmospheric Emission from Plant Stacks using a Raman-Lidar. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1992. V. 5. No. 07. P. 726-733.
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This paper presents a detailed analysis of the Raman Lidar technique for remote sensing of atmospheric emissions from stacks. Analysis made in the paper allowed more correct measurement technique to be proposed. A possibility of measuring simultaneously with the pollutants number densities the emission jet outflow velocity and temperature is shown. This enables one to estimate the gross yields of pollutants at a stack mouth. Thus extended capabilities a Raman-Lidar technique are illustrated with the experimental results obtained at the West Siberian Stell Production Plant in Novokuznetsk City.