Vol. 6, issue 03, article # 15

pdf Gruzinskii V. V., Senyuk M. A., Kozlov I. N., Golovatyi A. I., Neira Bueno O. L. Peculiarities of lasing emission of the organic compounds with the chain structure containing dimethylamine group. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1993. V. 6. No. 03. P. 313-318.
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An anomalously large shift (Δλ ~ 100-150 nm) of the fluorescence and generation spectra of the compounds containing dymethylamine group dissolved in toluene compared to that observed in alcohol solution was discovered. It was revealed that, in alcohols there takes place generation of complexes possessing the charge transfer between the excited molecules of the compounds containing N(CH3)2 group and the polar molecules of a solvent. It is shown that the bathochromic shift of the generation band relative to the fluorescence one is caused by an intense S1 - Sn absorption in the region of the fluorescence band maximum. The effect revealed in this study makes it possible to develop a dye laser with an active media of a single compound emitting in a wide spectral range (violet and yellow regions).